Dolls Clothes

Here are a few pictures of dolls clothes I have made for my daughter's favourtie doll.  Molly is an American Girl doll and is an 18" girl doll.

A knitted pink dressing gown and slippers.

A knitted pink and black strippy hoody.  This was a new experience, as it was knitted in one entire piece!

A sewn wrap around skirt and shirt (I only made the skirt!) This was my first attempt at "dress making" and it didn't turn out too badly.

A summer trousers and capri top.  I did make all of this outfit and am very pleased with my second attempt at dress making.

A sun dress.  This one was an easy one for my third project and I am pleased with progress I have made!

A knitted party dress and shawl.  This was made using a sparkly wool.

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  1. This doll surely is stylish, all thanks to you! I’m sure you daughter is very happy to see her favorite doll has an amazing line of clothes. In a few more years, this doll will have a closet full of gorgeous clothes. [Chris Jeffery]