Friday, 20 April 2012

Long Time no Post!!

Sorry not very good at this keeping up to date thing!!!

I had a big finish yesterday when I finished a long standing large UFO - AOY Carousel.

I am hoping to get this framed really soon - finances permitting!

On to another UFO now.


  1. Woo !
    I can't see the picture in a large size, but it seems you did a really great job !!
    this design is very beautiful
    bravo :)

  2. Hi sweetie! :)
    Could you please send me your address?
    Tonight I will post the list of partners for our Margaret Sherry Summer Exchange! ;) Thank you!!
    Congrats on your big finish!!! :D
    Hugs&smiles, Nia

  3. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful project.