Thursday, 7 June 2012

I Love School Holidays!

After the extended Bank Holiday and Jubilee celebrations, yesterday we finally settled into our school holiday.  As I am off work too this week, Katie and I are enjoying some lovely peaceful days!!  Yesterday, we had to go and get Katie's repeat prescription and then went into town.  I managed to find a pair of shoes and some missing threads I needed.  Katie spent her pocket money on some sticker and colouring books, so she's got something to do now!  When we got back, I got the washing on the go, cleaned the fridge out and then sat down to some stitching.  Can't show any pics, as it's my BFF's birthday card and don't want her accidentally seeing it!! Today, it's raining again, so more washing in the tumble dryer (house feels like launderette!) and more stitching - told you I love school holidays!!

Happy stitching folks!


  1. Enjoy your holidays =)
    Hope the sun will come back soon !!! just like here in fact !!
    can't wait to see your birthday card

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