Saturday, 25 August 2012

Some changes!

I have changed the name of my blog, as I wanted to show of some of my other crafting "skills"!
I have added pages for dolls clothes and for a knitted blanket I am working on.

I have a 6 hour shift at work today, so looking forward to that being over so I can get back to the stitching.  I hurt my shoulder on Friday and discovered yesterday that holding any large project was painful, so I picked up a small Christmas card to work - may as well make a start on them as it will soon be upon us!

Also wanted to share, that I finished the book "Crewel World" by Monica Ferris.  I can recommend it throughly as it was a great read and so full of needlecraft references!  It did make me jealous, as they characters own or work in a needlecraft shop - my dream if we win the lottery!!!

Well best face work - can't I be a full time stitcher!!!

Happy stitching folks.

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